Reading Resolutions: A Commitment to Intersectional Reading in 2020

As we embark on a new decade, I wanted to provide a guidebook for a year of reading – a list which might offer, loosely, a template for reading to encourage you to hear new voices, support new authors, and step outside your comfort zone.

Since I started Drizzle three and a half years ago, I have had to make a conscious choice about who and what I read. Though I believe in reading all voices, there is only so much time in the day. By setting the intention to read under-represented authors, I found myself meandering toward books I might never have picked up before – books which I treasure now, which I couldn’t imagine living without.

And so! A loose month by month guide for reading resolutions! I encourage you to make your own list, comment and add to ours, share the books on your TBR lists. Each month, we’ll create a list of titles to consider reading, and ask you to share yours; together, I hope we can move forward into a year of intentional, intersectional reading.

2020 Reading Resolutions

January – Read about class

February – Read and support black authors

March – Read and support female-identifying authors 

April – Read and support Asian and Asian diaspora authors 

May – Read about mental health  

June –  Read queer & trans folks for pride month! 

July – Read and support disabled authors 

August – Read women in translation 

September – Read and support Latinx authors 

October – Read and support rural authors

November – Read and support indigenous authors

December – Read outside your typical genre(s)

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