How to write for drizzle

We are open to submissions all year long! We exclusively publish reviews, essays, and interviews that celebrate marginalized writers. Our reviews cover work by authors who are: Black, Indigenous, people of color, LGBTQIA+, women, disabled, chronically ill, rural and economically disenfranchised. You can find a frequently-updated list of titles we’d like to cover here.

(We also accept reviews of books that aren’t on this list–feel free to contact us if you have questions about a particular title).  

Guidelines for New Writers

Interested writers should email a completed review, essay, or interview to our editors at We prefer to receive submissions as a Google Doc. Please also include a brief biographical statement written in the third person that we can share on our site in the body of the email. We hope to respond to your submission within 30 days; if you don’t hear from us, please send a follow-up query after 30 days have passed.

We are looking for: 

  • Full-length book reviews (500-1200 words) 
  • Micro book reviews (200-400 words, featured in our bi-monthly reading roundups)
  • Essays on writers, the writing life, creativity, and other relevant topics (1000-3000 words)
  • Interviews with writers or publishers (750-1500 words)

We encourage writers to actively challenge the review form, whatever that means for you. Make it wild, make it visual, make it personal–whatever feels right for you. You can read examples of experimental reviews we love here, here, and here.

We love to work with writers who haven’t written book reviews before. We go through an extensive editing process with all our pieces, and love to help new writers make their piece the best it can be!

If you have questions about how to get started, here are some of our tips:

  • Request a free review copy from the publisher to get started. Check out some guidelines on how to do this here. Feel free to tell them you are publishing your review on our site!
  • Include basic information about the book in your introductory paragraph, like the title, author, and a brief synopsis
  • Tell readers why they’ll love it. What about the book made you want to write about it?  What big questions or ideas did it bring up? What about this book is unique or valuable? How does it speak to the experiences and stories of people in marginalized communities?
  • Include quotes you love to illustrate your points and give readers a taste of the author’s style
  • Don’t be afraid to get personal and talk about your experience as a reader
  • Finally, read a few of our reviews to get a sense of what’s possible! We have many reviews on our site you can explore to get a feel for different styles and approaches.

Finally, we are working to build a community of reviewers and encourage our writers to submit to us frequently! If you have an interest in becoming a regular contributing writer, please mention that in your submission. 

Do you have a book we should be reading?

Please contact with your review request. Unfortunately, we have a small team and can’t review all the great books that come our way, but we’d love hear from you to see if your title is a good fit!

Please include the name of the book, the author, publication date, and a brief description of how the book fits our requirements in your email.