Drizzle is a site dedicated to the celebration of diverse literary culture — we publish short and long form book reviews, interviews, and essays that promote the work of under-represented authors from across the globe.

Despite the slow moves toward inclusivity we’ve seen in the last few decades, the literary world simply does not prioritize marginalized voices — and most publishing houses are still run predominantly by people who identify as white, able-bodied and cisgendered. In response to a lack of diversity (and the pigeon-holing of marginalized voices into limited, often stereotypical narratives) we’ve focused exclusively on under-represented voices in literature since our founding in 2016.

Our reviews cover work by authors who are: Black, Indigenous, people of color, LGBTQIA+, women, disabled, chronically ill, rural and economically disenfranchised. Of course, this list is not exhaustive, and we welcome authors who live at the intersection of any or all of these categories. We review books in all genres, including hybrid works that force us to question what genre is, and who it serves. We focus our attention on books that are beautiful, innovative, take us to new places, and make us question and reconsider our beliefs. 

It’s our mission to advocate for work that deserves a wider audience, and we hope to continue building a community of authors, readers and reviewers to help us achieve that goal.